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Weight Lifting

Available Services

Initial Consultation

The purpose of this session is to get an idea of the injury and the SOURCE of the issue.  You'll be taken through a full injury screen along with biomechanical evaluation to assess your stressors during activity.


Also known as "myofacial decompression" this technique focuses on lifting the skin with the purpose of improving range of motion, promote tissue healing, and eliminate mechanical deficiencies.

Recovery Session

This is the "do"ing part.  We actively work on you to resolve the issue.  We use tools like cupping, dry needling, etc to help with discomfort and reduce apprehensive movement patterns during physical activity.

Dry Needling

This western version of acupuncture uses the same needles, just different technique.  The evidence-based physiological benefits include pain management and movement impairments. 

Virtual Consult

This option is great for those that are limited on time and need one-on-one time to get injury prevention advice. 


Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization helps in pain reduction, inflammation reduction, restoring function, increased collagen production, and decreasing recovery time.


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