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Embrace your inner athlete

Where do you go when you need to bridge the gap between physical therapy and physical activity?  Look no further.  My primary focus on providing services for injury prevention, recovery, physical assessments, biomechanical analysis and exercises to help you continue being pain-free during activity.  Just like your car needs a tune up, so does your body.  What's the difference?  You're working with ATCs that specialize in athletic injury so this is your one-stop-shop for anything you may need.  Stop popping anti-inflammatories to get through your activity.  Resolve the issue the right way!  Call/email for a consultation today!

All About Me

Andrea had gained her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2009 and Masters of Science in Athletic Training in 2012.  She has experience in a multitude of settings that center around ortho injury.  She began working with NCAA athletes early in her career, involved in emergency onfield care, injury rehab and ortho eval. Working in multiple sports settings, she was contracted through a physical therapy clinic, learning various techniques in rehabilitation.  She had moved into the orthopedic clinic setting in 2015 and worked as a physician extender.  Following the clinical setting, she started her specialty in the industrial setting working onsite to reduce injuries.   


She currently works in the industrial setting leading an injury prevention program and providing ergonomic consultations.  She's currently acting as Treasurer for the Wisconsin Athletic Trainer's Association.  

ATC's are specialists originally born in the sports setting and have branched to working within orthopedic and industrial settings due to their knowledge in sports medicine.  ATC's have extensive knowledge and experience in keeping athletes going.  They have to graduate from an accredited program, pass a national board exam, be licensed within their state to practice, and have graduate level degrees.  Athletes have access to athletic training rooms to help keep them moving during their on season.  Why shouldn't the community have access to the same services athletes get?  They can now.





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