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Welcome to MKE Injury & Recovery LLC

Bridging the gap between physical therapy and physical activity

MKE Injury & Recovery LLC Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Why us?  That's easy.  We specialize in catering to the athletic population. 

  • Injury Screening

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Athletic Taping

  • Tapotement recovery

  • Biomechanical Assessment

  • Manual care

  • Cupping

  • Stretching sessions


  • Joint mobilization

  • Dry Needling

  • Electroacupuncture

Your one stop-shop for recovery services!



Understanding the injury

Instead of google-ing your symptoms, let a sports medicine specialist take a look at the issues that are contributing to the problem.  ATC's have extensive training in orthopedics and orthopedic assessments.  Assessing biomechanics, gait analysis, ergonomic and injury evals are some of the few specialties we carry.  If we cannot help you, we will make sure to connect you to the person that can.

Recovery Services

The care your injury needs

Whether you need to quick stop in for some TLC, or you need routine visits to help keep your issues at bay, we are here for you.  Cupping, soft tissue work, IASTM certified, kinesiotaping, manual techniques, orthotic use, and taping application are just a few of the tactics we use.  One 1 hour massage is less effective than four 15 minute massages.  We keep our services affordable and obtainable to encourage the best way to recover:  frequency.

1 hour initial consult/recovery session = $80

1 hour recovery session = $80

30 min initial consult = $40

30 min recovery session =$40

15 min drop in = $25

Zoom consult = $40


We do accept HSA/FSA

Gift cards available!


Customer Service

Next Level Service

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with MKE Injury & Recovery LLC. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with  top quality customer service.  As a convenience to you, we have online scheduling or have availability via phone to make visiting easy.

*Covid-19 update* - We continue to offer services and take proper precautions to ensure all of our customer's safety.  We continue to sanitize equipment routinely and are open to computer/phone consults to help with any questions you may have


Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: afternoons/evenings by appt only

Sat-Sun:  Mornings by appt only

Click on "book online" to view all of our available appts.

Get in Touch

7611 Harwood Ave.  Suite G

Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Second Location!!! (Sat. only)

Brew Fitness Milwaukee

408 W. Florida St. 

Milwaukee, WI 53204


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